Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving and Such....

Hey everyone I wanted to give you a couple update pics- I will be doing a huge post about my jaw- and all sorts of stuff soon- I just have to find time- DON'T WE ALL??? haha. :)

And I had my FIRST Thanksgiving without an underbite! YAYAYAYA... (more on that later I promise) haha...

I usually would have been angry for a side pic like this, but this year I LOVE IT! :)

I could eat everything with ease! Even ate some celery and it didn't get all stringy! :)

How are you guys!? Any news? Or questions? :)

Love, Makay

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Update! :)

I went to the ortho- I have about 2 months left- they are trying to correct my slight crossbite to the right. :P

Here are some quick pics...

How are you all? What do you want me to answer? :) Ha.

Love ya,