Sunday, October 25, 2009

Torture soon to come and Zip-and-Squeeze Products...

I am going to the Ortho on November 3rd and am going to graduate to the "Big" wire and possibly some power chains. I am not really looking forward to the experience of getting my braces tightened for the first time. Others have told me that the second time is the worst. Is this true? I sure hope not... Also everyone has been complaining about zip-and-squeeze and how they are trying to scam us of our well earned dollars... so I officially declare to STOP ORDERING ZIP-AND-SQUEEZE products!!!! They have shut down! Stop ordering! I have been warned not to fall into their trap by fellow ortho-bloggers and I am telling everyone who was thinking about or going to order, DON'T! The only way I know you can get your money back is by filing a PayPal claim. However, I have done a little research and you can buy jaw ice and heat wraps at...
And I am working to find a site where you can order syringes and zip-and-squeeze feeding bags... I haven't found one yet, but when I do I will post it immediately. :) If anyone else knows of site where you can purchase these supplies please let me know. :) Thanks, and I hope this helps.
Love and Support Always, Makay

Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm Narrow on the Top...

Hey everyone, I found this pic (before braces) and it shows my narrow top jaw and wide bottom jaw quite well. I know I have already posted this pic at the beginning of my blog, but I wanted to point this out. My O.S. never said anything about an expander, but he did say that I need bone grafts on the top jaw. What is a bone graft exactly? I don't really know to be honest. Maybe it has something to do with my narrow top jaw? hmm...

Lots of Love and Support, Makay

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Check out my Midlines...

Hey! I am posting this super close-up pic because I wanted to point out my off center midlines. You usually can not see it very well because I hide my bottom teeth when smiling. I have a crossbite, and it goes out to the right. The arrow in the picture shows where the center is on the top jaw and where it is on the bottom. I can't wait to get the fixed, along with my open and under bite. Also... I think my top jaw is narrow and my bottom is pretty wide. You can see in the pic how my top teeth only touch the edge of the bottom teeth... Does anyone else feel the same? I mean can they even fix that, or will it be fixed during the surgery? I really would like to know... Thanks. :)

Lots of Love and Support, Makay

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Best Toothbrush in the World...

Seriously the Sonicare toothbrush by Phillips is the best toothbrush for us brace-faces! It's curved bristles fit perfectly under the wires and it leaves my breath feeling super clean! It even has 3 modes... clean, massage, and sensitive (sensitive will probably come in handy after my surgery). It is quite an expensive product, but it is worth it... just think about it... you have to buy new toothbrushes at least every 6 months, but with the Sonicare toothbrush you can keep it FOREVER!!! :) You can usually buy one from your dentist or orthodonist, but you can also order them online by going to the link below. I love mine... it even has a little compartment for you to put your toothbrush head in, and then shoot UV rays at it to kill all the bacteria! How cool is that?! :) You will love it! I promise, and it cuts your cleanting routine time in HALF! Now that is a reason to buy one right now!!! :)

This pic shows the "curved bristles" which are perfect for going around and under wires and brackets!!! :)

And this pic shows the 3 modes...

And this is the little UV compartment that I was talking about... you just take the "head" of the toothbrush off (by twisting) and stick it in the little space, and the cylinder thing shoots UV rays at the bristles, which kills 99% of bacteria and viruses... :) Cool.

Really!!! It is awesome! I do not usually rant and rave about products, but this one is a must! You will love it! The best wishes to you and your fresh breath! haha. :)
Lots of Love, Makay

Friday, October 9, 2009

I have a Date...

Big news everyone! I have an official date for my surgery!!! July 8th, 2010. This is the day that it will all go down. :) We reserved a spot... early in the morning of course, and I am very glad because I get to have my surgery done at the Children's Hospital! YAY! I figured this would probably be a "happier" (for lack of a better word) enviroment after the surgery. When I was at the O.S. office his room was "decorated" with a lovely arrangement of deformed skulls... joyful right? That's when I decided I would rather recover in a room full of cute little animals and colorful murals. Haha. :) I guess that is the advantage of being under 18 and going through with this surgery... You get monkeys and giraffes on the walls. Haha... Anyways... now I can start counting down the days... exactly 9 months to go. :)

Love and Support Always, Makay :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

9 Months Away... And Already Nervous...

Once a week I will call my friend just to talk to her (we live far away from each other now), and somehow we will get on the topic of my surgery. I gurantee it. It consumes my every free moment. If I have time I will think about my surgery. I will look in the mirror and then I will start daydreaming about my new appearance. I want this done. I really do, but I am already nervous. I fear everything... What if I get throw up? What if I lose too much blood? What if I hate how I look? What if I can never feel my lip/jaw again? What if I lose too much weight? What if I don't heal quick enough? SERIOUSLY! I have to just shut my brain down in order to get off this topic. Does this happen to any of you? I will start talking about my surgery and my Dad will be like, "It is a year away Makay! We will worry about it then." Then I will shoot back with, "No Dad. It is 9 months away... and if we wait till then we won't have anything ready!", but I guess he is right. I do need to get off the subject. I guess I just want to feel prepared and protected. I know God will take care of me and I need to just relax. Yes, we all need to prepare, but not worry ourselves sick about it. We need to take one step at a time, not everything at once. Notice this blog is called "Makay's Jaw Journey " not... "Makay's Jaw Step" this is a LONNNNG and tedious process. Surgery anxiety is normal... So this is a note to everyone out there worrying about this... just CHILL OUT! :)
Support and Love Always,
Makay :)