Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Favorites...

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing amazing, and all is going well where ever you are in your journey. This post however does not have much to do with my jaw... or my braces. It has to do with me though. haha. I am going to share my "favorites". Check it out...

My favorite...

Drink: Dr. Pepper and H2O
Food: AWW so many... but I have to go with Pierogies, Kabosi, and Sauerkraut. (Best meal ever!) WAIT!!! Does gum count??? I love gum! :))))

Color: Pink and Orange (together is the best. :D)
Candy: Cookies and Cream Bar (Hershey) and DARKKKKK chocolate. mmmmmm.

My Top 5 Songs (Currently):
1.) I Will Not be Moved (Natalie Grant)
2.) City on our Knees (Toby Mac)
3.) The Way you Love Me (Faith Hill)
4.) According to You (Orianthi)
5.) Kiss Me (Sixpence None the Richer) <----- this song is a little different. but i like it. haha.

Car: Viper... if I can find a guy with one of these I would marry him. JUST KIDDING! but seriously this is a sweeeet car!

Movie: soooo many amazing movies... but I love 13 Going on 30, John Tucker Must Die, Titanic, Dear John (awww, great movie), Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Top Gun, and more. :)
Sport: Figure Skating and Ice Hockey
Team: Pittsburgh Penguins (GOOOOO PENS! haha)

This is me contemplating about my favorite things...

So there are a few things about me for now... :) Ask me some questions and leave comments and I will reply or try and post something about it. :)

Love and Support Always, Makay

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I'm soooo sorry. I know I have been a terrible blogger. No posts for 2 and 1/2 weeks. Whew, but I have been so busy. :)

On Tuesday I had an ortho appointment. They went up a wire size and put on a top and bottom set of powerchains. They also scheduled me for some pre-op molds. This adjustment wasn't too bad. I was a little sore and I got the usual headache but it was gone in two days, so it was good. Not that I mind the pain. To be honest I LOVE it! It reminds me that it is working... haha.

I also realize I don't post normal and recent photos... so I now have a webcam and this hopefully will help me remember to take them more often. Just so you can see the progress.
I was playing around with it today... and I got some pics with two of my favoritist people in the world. My little bro and sis...

You got to love my face in this one. haha... I swear my sister was squshing me, and my little bro just likes to look at himself on the computer. hahahaha...

This is one of just me and my bubby. :) ahhh... so cute, but he refuses to look in the camera. oh well. haha. Oh, and once again... you got to love my face. I seem to have the same facial expression in every pic. I was having fun. They make me laugh. :D

And here are a couple of just me...

Here I am at my worst... crazy hair... my animal print pj's, and a ridiculous expression... :) I just love you all that much, that I am willing to share.

And here is when I'm a little more put together. haha. ;)

Feel free to leave me comments or questions. I will be sure to get back to you. Hope you are all doing fantastic wherever you are on your journey. Oh... ONE MORE THING! Make sure to check out the poll out the top right of my blog and vote saying where you are in your journey! THANKS. :)

Lots of Love and Support, Makay

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hey everyone... I have had 3 snowdays due to all the snow and ice recently and I thought I would share a few 'recent' pics... Like I said in my last post I have been slacking a little with the pictures, but my Mom took these of me in the snow. :)

I look so overweight in this pic because I was so cold and put on sooooo many layers of clothing, which made my legs look giganic! haha Here is the line up of clothes: 3 shirts, a sweatshirt, and a coat, a 3 pairs of pants, a pair of my jeans, 4 pairs of socks, furry boots, a scarf, gloves,and earwarmers. Haha. I was prepared for the fun that occured. :)

Then here is a pic of me and my little sis we were making a fort. haha. :)

We had fun. It was a lot of snow... in these pics much of it had already melted. I will get some pics up later of my teeth, and of my not "chubby snow bunny" self. haha.

Love and Support Always, Makay

Monday, February 1, 2010

Some Pics...

I thought since I haven't posted much recentley I would put up some semi-recent pics. Haha...

I promise I will post some new pics (recent) soon. I have just been so busy with finals that I haven't had time to post very much, or take pictures. :)

Just a pic of me and some of my friends from my old house...

Here is another from this year's youth group Christmas Party. We were playing a game where you roll dice and if you get doubles you have to put on all the winter gear and try and open the present... the catch is that while you are doing that other people are rolling and the gift is wrapped and in at least 10 wrapped boxes... a fun game. haha. You can tell I was having fun...

Here is a pic from around the first few weeks of my braces. Me and one of my besties Britt... It is before I cut my hair... I look better now. haha. :) Also if you compare it to the pic above you can see how my top pallate has widened... crazy what 3 months can do! I'm loving the results so far. Braces take many sacrafices, but I think it will be worth it in the end.

More pics to come soon. Sorry I have been slacking a little. haha.

Love and Support Always, Makay