Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Surgery....

This is an awesome video that I found on the EXACT surgery I am having. Super cool. Just look at the difference!!! :)

Hope this helps you all visualize my surgery, and what I am talking about by both jaw surgery and everything.

Love and Support Always, Makay

Monday, January 18, 2010

Younger Days...

Hey everyone! I just went through some pics on my computer when I came across some ancient art... haha. It was a folder stocked full of "awkward" middle school pictures and other embarrasing memories. I thought I would share some oldddddd pics of me that show you how my jaw has been my whole life, and show you how my jaw has grown... so here goes (no laughing, haha!).

Look it is me chillin' with my "bug" eyes... Those glasses are ugly! They are like a ski mask! haha. My bite doesn't look to bad as long as no one else is in the picture. That is what makes me look disproportional.... I know that sounds weird, but it is true. Look at the pics below!

I know this girl, so she doesn't need glasses! haha. I love her she is my BFF!!!!! We have been best friends since 7th grade! WHOA! I love her, but her bite always made mine look soooooo bad! haha. And the "boy" hair isn't doing anything for me! My hair was so butchered! I sure do miss those "insecure" and "awkward" days... NOT! haha. Just miss my BFF (We live in different states now).

I do not know this girl anymore, so I am going to protect her identity with these handcrafted Chanel Glasses. haha. But check out my bite! Terrible. Curse her petite face! She always made me look awful! haha...

Ahhhh... Middle School. Worst time of my life. I know that sounds dramatic, but boy is middle school AWKWARD! And all the kids cruel and immature, a very badddd combination. haha. Good times... Good times. I hope this shows you a little more of my jaw and how it grew to look how it is now. Just check out my profile pic for a comparison. It has changed my face shape since middle school.... Have a blessed day!
Love and Support Always, Makay

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Giagantic Adjustment...

Hi guys! I just went to the orthodontist and I was told that my teeth are moving really well, and that I will start to see her every month now in order to prepare for the planned surgery date (July 8th). At the appointment she upgraded my wire and skipped a size (quite a painful skip by the way) and then she put on a set of powerchains so I do not experience gapping in my front two teeth because the wire she put on helps widen my top pallate. yay!
As my surgery date slowly approaches I become more anxious for my new smile. When I sit by my friends during school I think to myself I can't wait till I can smile like that, or I can't wait to be able to eat pizza and subs with ease... haha. I strongly desire for these two things, I also want to have prominant cheekbones and a perkier nose... which all should be accomplished with the shifting of my top jaw and bone graphs. :) I hope everyone is doing well and coming along wherever you may be in your journey..
Love and Support Always,

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

It is 2010, and time to take down my Christmas Blog decorations. :( It always is sad to take down the tree and everything till the next year. This means that my old background is BACK! Woohoo. It is cute, and I kinda missed it... haha. I got quite a lot for Christmas and I thought I would share a few...

1.) A Cricut and Gypsy...
A Cricut is a cutting tool that is used for scrapbooking, and the gypsy is used to design what you want to cut.

This is the Cricut Expression Machine:

And here is my first Layering project Made of individual pieces of scrapbooking paper:

2.) A cell phone...

My brand new Cherry Red slide phone:

3.) A Crystal and Decorative Jewelry Holder...

I love the little birds on it. :)

That is my top 3... I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and a Happy New Year! I am going to get my braces tightened, wire changed, and who knows what else soon... Jan. 8th (I think). I will keep you posted on the never-ending torture... haha. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!
Love and Support Always,