Monday, December 20, 2010

Answering Some Question!

Hi all my awesome followers! I am back for an update, and I will be answering some questions that were left on the last post, however, first I wanted to share with you a before and after that is pretty awesome!

God, thank you! I love it! ha.

Now for some questions!

Many people say jaw surgery changed the shape/position/appearance of their nose --and understandably so...but does jaw surgery affect your sense of smell? (I know this is weird- but I have a really good sense of smell [bad eyesight!ha] and I'm pretty worried about possibly losing that after jaw surgery.

No- it has not affected my sense of smell- however I can breathe MUCH better- that is one of the reasons that the surgery was "medically" necessary- for breathing- I can now breathe with my mouth closed and it is awesome! So no, not an issue- at first you will be so swollen that your sense of smell is pretty bad, but don't worry- just like everything else it will come back with a little time and Afrin nose spray- ha.

Do you play a wind instrument? ...I play the trumpet. Braces have already drastically changed my embouchure- I can only imagine the effect jaw surgery will have on my ability to play.

I do not play a wind instrument, HOWEVER... I would think just like eating feels different, and brushing your teeth feels different, playing your trumpet will be different... HOWEVER... I think you will compensate perfectly- it just will feel a little strange at first, but don't worry that TOTALLY goes away, because chewing felt weird at first, but now, I can't remember it before surgery. ha.

Do you still experience numbness or tingling?

Yes. I have numbness in my chin... that's it- and its coming back- if someone touches my chin it will tingle which is SUPER annoying, but I can feel the nerves coming back- its not like completely asleep like it was at first. So yes, I still have a tiny bit of numbness, but its coming back! :)

Does anything appear to be permanently damaged? Nerve-wise, everything is back to normal?

Nope- everything is basically back to normal other than my tingly chin- ha.

When the orthodontist prepared your teeth for surgery, did your underbite become more pronounced/worse or did braces continuously make your teeth gradually better?

WORSE WORSE WORSE! That is a terrible part about this journey- it gets worse before it gets better... here look...

Before braces...

After braces had been on a while...

Here is an animation that might help you see what I am trying to show... pay close attention to the part where they put the braces on and how it straightens the teeth...

I hope you see what I am saying... but yes- it def gets worse...

I got a bit worried, that maybe the surgery might leave me with a bit of a double chin, because as they're moving the bottom jaw back, wouldn't there then be too much skin there?

No no no no! Babe, that isn't an issue at ALLLL! You body reshapes to the bone... I promise- that is not a worry. haha. :)

I try really hard to make my diction better, but I think it might be to do with my bite!do you think that would get better if I had surgery?

More than likely it IS your bite- I had unclear diction and a lisp too, and that was one of the reasons my doctor said the surgery was "medically" necessary... It is your bite- once you have it fixed you will have MUCH clearer diction... You can compare vids on my blog if you would like of before surgery and after. :) I hope that helped answer your question.

Did your hair start to fall out after your surgery?

Actually yes, now that you mention it- I was shedding and thinning like crazy- and I kinda freaked out, but I was reassured that it was the anesthesia, so don't worry too much! It stops.

Thanks everyone for asking questions! :) I feel useful again! haha! I hope I answered well- and if not- ask so more questions and I will try my best to help!


And I am still taking questions! So ask away!


Friday, December 10, 2010


That's right guys! A Vlog (noun)- video blog.


Let me know!

Post some questions! :)

Love, Makkkkkay

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 150...

Hey everyone! I hope you have all been well... I wanted to share my experience with eating after surgery...

At first it was really awkward and difficult, I drooled on my self, and had a hard time fitting a spoon in my mouth. HOWEVER, that all changed. Thanksgiving was recently and let me just tell you, it was fabulous... my bite was different and I could notice a change. When I bit my slice of celery my teeth met and I just bit a piece off, whereas before I would bite and my teeth would not go through all the way so I would have to pull and then it would string and it would be anything but graceful! ha. It was always embarrassing. It was so cool not to have to deal with any of those once "everyday problems" which I had become a-customed to. I just love my new bite, it is incredible what the surgery did to my entire face, the structure is all around comepletly different- a wish come true...

I stumbled across a few pictures of me, pre-op, and GOSH- I look so different, a totally different person honestly!

And now...

I love my bite! Thank you Dr. Turvey and Dr. Politano! :) I am so happy!

I am getting my braces off soon- hopefully earllllly spring... before April! :) I pray it is as soon as possible! I can hardly wait!

Let me know if you have any more question guys! I will be glad to answer!

Love, Makay