Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 23...

Hey all! :) It is Day 23... And I have been through the dark, moving into the light, can I get an "amen!" hahaha... Seriously I am doing pretty good. You know that hole? The one they cut to drain my infection? Well it is healing up nicely- I still have to irrigate it, but it is getting better.

Today my fam and I all went out for breakfast- I was brave and instead of just ordering "grits" I got pancakes! :) And let me tell you- best decision EVER. They were delicious. I just put some syrup in a little dipping bowl and cut up the pancakes in small squares. Then BAM. Ate it. ha. They were really good.

Last night I discovered another delicious treat: Sweet Potatoes- sweetened up of course. So this is what I did- Canned Yams, Brown Sugar, and Cinnamon... All together... microwaved it for about 2 minutes- mashed it up. MMMMM MMMM GOOD. :)

So anyways here are some update pictures. :)

See Marshmallow my elephant? hahaha. He was actually a post-op "Get Well" gift. Cute Eh?

I am starting to see my cheekbones emerging! WOO WOO! And my nose is getting some definition back instead of just being a blob on my swollen face- YAY. :)

Check out all that hardware! It's like Home Depot in there! ha. Surgical wires, Hooks, Splint, Rubber bands... DUDE! But- my top teeth are in front of my bottom! OH, and look... my midlines match up! *Gasp* hahaha. Not to mention my bottom teeth fit neatly inside my top... finally my top is wide enough.

Here is a before and after of the teeth (I will get a better pic later I do realize the order now is after then before- DANG... hahaha.)...

Huge difference...

So... I only have one question today...

Do you still visit your OS periodically?
Yep. I saw him a day after surgery then 1 week and then 3 weeks and then again at 5 weeks (but that one obviously hasn't happened yet.) I am praying that during the 5 weeks visit he takes this dang splint out because it is bothersome. Ha.


Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Let me know your thoughts. :)

Love, Makay

Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 22...

I am still trekking through the lonnnng road to recovery- but for the past 3 days or so it hasn't been all too bad, I am feeling a lot better. :) Everything is getting easier- though I am may admit my menu is getting a bit mundane... but I can find ways to mix it up. ;)

Anyways today is literally the best day swelling wise- here check it out...

Here is a close up one of my teeth! Looking good! :D

And here is a smile shot where you can see my cheeks and all that...

Then here is the PROFILE... Woo Woo... The money shot right here...

Question TIME...

Where are you still numb?
Wowzer. I should have told you all this, but I have been getting a LOT of feeling back recently. I am getting my cheeks back from the outside in... so like my cheekbones I can feel, but I don't have much sensation in the middle of my cheek to my nose, but is coming back. Also I have been all tingly on my chin- the doc said that is a sign the nerves are repairing themselves- hopefully I will be able to feel there too soon. :) Also my right side of my top lip is numb (weird that I can feel my left. ha) Oh, and my bottom lip is numb too. Like I said though- it is all gradually coming back- it doesn't feel as "dead" as it did immediately after surgery.

Did you suffer from headaches before surgery, if so are they gone now?
Holy Moly... yes I had headaches caused by my jaw for a lonnnnnnng time- and they happened quite frequently, now that you mention it I really haven't had a bad headache like that since WOOHOO! :) The only headache I had was when I had that stinkin' infection- but other than that I have been headache free! :)

How far can you open your mouth now?
Sorry for the awkward picture, but I didn't know how else to answer it, I guess about an inch 1/2, maybe 2... Plenty big enough for a spoon. :) ha.

Do you still have to sleep elevated?
Yes. My doctor said to keep doing that to keep the swelling down. If you sleep flat you will wake up with a TON of swelling. Trust me... its not too uncomfortable- I sleep fine, and it really helps. :)

Do you still use ice for swelling?
Nope. My doc said only use it for comfort if you want... he said after 72 hours the ice does nothing... that pertains to the reduction of swelling- so no need unless it feels better... but it doesn't help swelling after 72 hours.


So I hope I answered all your questions. :) I love getting questions because I know I am helping! ha. And I am glad to answer- I wish I had alot of these answers pre-op too... would have left me better prepared, but oh well- I figured it out. ;) ha.

So... questions any one? Questions?


LOVE, Makay

Thursday, July 29, 2010

3 Weeks!!!

I am officially halfway there! Sweet! Only 3 more weeks and this splint comes off, and I am off this no-chew diet, and I will be through with rubber bands! HALLELUJAH. :) I am just glad that I have reached the peak... all down hill from here, I think the hardest part is over.

I am celebrating 3 weeks with my friend Curtman- Friends make everything better- can I get an "Amen"?! ha.

Here are some update pictures...

Okay so today I am going to discuss- EATING.

What are you eating?
So my favorite thing is probably Mashed Potatoes. I also like baked beans, and Mac and Cheese... And Ice Cream, Cream of Corn, Apple Sauce... etc.

I even ate cake at my Mom's little birthday party! And it was whole, I just cut it up and ate it normally. :) MMMM...

Are you using a syringe?
Unless you are wired shut completely (which is VERY uncommon) you need to be eating with a spoon, and taking your bands off for meals. I haven't used a syringe at all. Sure the spoon took some getting used to, but now I am fine. I am eating "soft" "non-chew" foods. Eating was VERY VERY messy for me for the first week (I had to use a mirror), but now I don't and its easy. So don't worry if you struggle at first- it gets better. I also found disposable plastic spoons easier to eat with than metal because it is thinner... Let me know how this works for you.

How many meals do you eat a day?
Usually 3... with a snack in between the 2nd and 3rd meal. :) haha.

I hope I answered you question Sarah... let me know if I didn't or you need more information! :) I am glad to explain. :)

Thanks to all my WONDERFUL followers for asking questions and leaving me encouraging comments! You have no idea how much they mean to me! They keep me going, and blogging- keep being awesome!

So... anything else? Questions? :)

LOVE, Makay

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 20!!!

Can someone give me a "Woo WOO!" haha. I am so happy to hit 20... such a legit number! Tomorrow will be my 3 week anniversary- yet lets save that for later... haha.

Today has been one of the best days thus far- I feel human, normal. Wowzer it feels great. :) My friend Wes came over- and I was feeling good and it just was fun fun FUN.

Why yes... he is eating a cupcake- haha.

Anyways so today was really a good day- best so far! :)

Here are your update pics!

The reason I look so "un-done" is because it was a pool day... haha. ;)

So I got some questions to answer! Yay! Let's go!

How much longer do you have to wear braces?
6 months- 1 year... I am hoping closer to 6 months. ;)

I am planning to go back to work at the 3 week mark...I manage a bunch of people so speaking is important how do you feel your speech is improving every day and do you think 3 weeks would be too soon?
My speech is pretty good! And tomorrow is my 3 weeks mark, so I say if you are up to go back to work- DO IT! :) I mean I am talking- like full on conversations. Granted I do have to repeat myself once in a while, but I am doing fine. You can understand basically everything I say. Its just when I get lazy I start to slur... but yeah... I think it is fine.

Are you able to taste food?
FOR SURE! If I couldn't I would die. Okay- exaggeration, but that would be a big stinker! I can taste food and the conclusion I have come to is:

Mashed Potatoes are the BEST!!!! :D ha.

How are you keeping swelling down? And getting it to go down progressively?
Well I take motrin every 6 hours, which helps. I also sleep elevated. Very important... But to be honest that is it.... I wish it would go faster than it is...

Aight. So I hope I answered your questions... and keep leaving them to me in the comments box... I will feature them in the following post! Always do! :)

Glad to help.

So as always... Questions anyone? HAHA...

Love, Makay

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 19...

Hey. Today was my 2nd OFFICIAL post op appointment. You know that tube? Well they took it out. HOWEVER, there is a freakishly large hole nestled in between my cheek and gums... It is freaking me out! Dr. Turvey said to irrigate it 3 times a day... AKA stick a pressure syringe in the hole and push 50 tons of salt water in the wound. Can somebody say, "ouch". I am squeemish just looking at it. Ew.

Okay so here are your update pictures. WAY better. Thank God the swelling is down. :)

Profile TIME... ha...

It really has started to hit me since I can see my "new" face shape emerging how very different even the front view looks. I mean look... wow. I am still shocked (in a good way of COURSE) I am so happppy!

Both of these pics make it totally worth it...

What do you all think? Isn't it a HUGE difference? I mean I think you can tell. haha.

Anyways... well I don't have any questions to answer... I am a little sad. :( haha. Come on guys... questions? Concerns? Let me know... :)

Love, Makay

Monday, July 26, 2010

Brushing... and an update...

Today is Day 18. I promised I would help you guys out with brushing your teeth... here we go...

Okay so there is some "equipment" you will need for this...

1.) A tooth brush- Okay yes, obvious right? But you need something small enough to reach in the back (at least for the first week or two). For the first week I used a children's toothbrush Stage: 1. It worked. ha. Now I went back to using my big one... my Phillips Sonicare. It is the best tooth brush EVER and it really gets my teeth clean. It also really keeps my splint clean- with the vibration and the pointed bristles it works well to get stuff from inside the splint.

2.) You need a Pressure Syringe too... they are pointy and have a curve. Make sure to ask your doc for one of these.

3.) Toothpaste- I prefer Arm and Hammer with Baking soda- super clean feeling! :)

4.) A small plastic cup- for the water (so you can easily get it in the syringe.

Here is a video that may educate you further...

Let me know if you still have questions... Or I left something out...

Now some update on the infection and swelling...

I feel better already- the pressure is gone, and my ear isn't hurting...


look at this...

Yesterday before we left...



And... CHEEEEEESE... haha...

Here is your side by side comparison (in order from: Before the procedure, right after aka last night, and today)...

See the difference already? I am just so glad to have that behind me and be back on the road to recovery. I want this swelling gone... I mean its Day 18! haha. So I am just really happy today! :) Go swelling GO! ;)

Feel free to ask any questions... :)

Love, Makay

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Trip Through HELL...

Okay so this morning I woke up and I looked like this...

WHAT THE HECK!?!!?!?!?!?! It is day 17? AHHHH!

I know this is a long "tale" but it has a lot of info...

Later I was cold, and feeling pretty crappy.... so we took my temp... 100. :O AHHH. So of course we freak out and call the hospital for the Resident on call. Dr. Politano decided it would be best for me to come in. So we did. We had to go to the ER because the clinic was closed. He did a thorough examination (WHICH HURTTTT because he was pushing on what the problem was). After poking, prodding, and causing me pain Dr. Politano confirmed the worse. I have an infection... :(

Of course we wanted to know what we was going to have to be done. First I hoped it would be some oral antibiotics, but I was wrong...

This is what they did.

They took me to this oral surgery room with a bunch of scary equipment and a gigantic chair in the middle- anything BUT fluffy bunnies on the walls...

While I was completely awake and aware (as I would be for the whole procedure) Dr. Politano gave me some numbing shots WHICH HURT. Just saying. After the second one though it was numb and just pressure. Then he waited for the numbness to kick in...

After that he sliced a hole in between my cheek and gum where the "gumball" of swelling as he described it was... As soon as he sliced it open fluid and (sorry I have to say it) pus came out... a LOT. It had to be disgusting to see, but Dr. Politano found some sort of joy and excitement out of it. He kept telling the residents "LOOK, come look... pus... see..."

Then he started pushing on the swelling and my jaw trying to release some of the fluid and pus through the hole. This HURT the worse. I started sobbing and he coached me through it though, "Makay we are almost there, just deep breaths, I know it hurts but you are going to feel so much better!" And he kept pushing.

After the pushing and suctioning ended he stuck a tube in the hole and stitched it in (So it stays open) this is going to let oxygen in (killing bacteria/infection) and helping to drain the fluids. GROSS.

This was what I look like after the procedure... (Excuse the appearance... 1.) I am sick and feel like crap 2.) I just had my mouth sliced open and a tube stuck in and a bunch of other stuff 3.) I am tired. haha. Bear with me. ;) )

Oh, and here is a 1/2 smile to let you all know I am okay... not dying...

Here I will put the side by side comparison up... See the difference already?

This infection is a 5% chance out of ALL cases... But if you experience any symptoms like fever, achy joints, and alot of extra swelling CALL YOUR DOCTOR!!!! Dr. Politano put me back on antibiotics for another week along with the tube. I pray this infection is gone soon.

I am glad we resolved the mysterious swelling because it would have gotten a LOT worse and I feel like now I am back on track with recovering. THANK GOD.

Feel free to ask questions...

and sorry, but the Brushing teeth tutorial will come tomorrow... I got side tracked with this whole infection thing.

I am glad to say I made it through hell... haha.

Love, Makay

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 16...

Well today has been like yesterday... I mean no difference in the swelling. Which is frustrating me beyond belief. I just pray it goes down soon. ARGH. Anyways...

Update Picture Time...


Here is a straight on one... you can really see the swelling on the left I am talking about...

Profile time...

Questions and Answers...

Do you ever feel like your jaw is going back, or is going to fall back to where it was?
No. I mean I have a fear it will over time, but then I look in the mirror and my bite is PERFECT. :)

Did your nose change at all?
Yes. They pushed my top jaw forward 6mm. Thus giving me cheekbones and it slightly widened my nose, and made it look smaller. Here just look at this before and after... can you see what I am saying? I think it is way different, and I LOVE IT! :) It is insane how much it changed, but they really did shift my top jaw.

Are you still taking antibiotics? When did you take them?
I was on antibiotics. To prevent infection and rejection. I took them for 6 days post op... 4 times a day. I am done now though.

Did you feel tension in your jaw to keep it in the splint?
Not really I mean I have to push my teeth into it, but when I relax it is still right there my teeth just come out a little bit- if that makes sense. If you feel like it is a strain to fit into your splint you need to tell your doc.

I wanted to give you guys a video so you can hear my speech... It is pretty bad... haha, but getting better every single day. :)

Leave me some more questions!!!! I am glad to answer! :)

LOVE, makay

Friday, July 23, 2010

I AM BACK! :) Day 15...

I am sad I totally missed my 2 week post op anniversary. :( haha. Oh, well. HAPPY 2 WEEKS TO ME!!! :) I am happy I have made it thus far, Next week it will be 1/2 way over (thank God), but I know every minute, hour, day, week- I am that much closer to being normal again. :)

Here are some update pictures...

Last time you saw me...


Here is a straight on one...

My left side is being stubborn, and the swelling just keeps going up and down... and recently it has been UP... look. I just want it to go awayyyyy! Argh.

Here is the profile last time you saw...

Now (but this is my left side, which it worse than my right)...

Soooo... what you think? I think I am starting to see my new face! Finally.

So time to answer some of your questions!!! :)

Did you lose weight? How much?
I lost about 10 pounds, and have been able to gain 2 back. Dr. Turvey said I needed to, so I did. It wasn't too bad.

Can people see a difference in your before and after?
YES! Holy moly sure! of course. Look yourself:

Of course my family and friends are like, "you were beautiful before, but WOW you are so gorgeous, what a great change!" haha. Yeah, people can tell. I love hearing I look better too. I mean I went through all this for a reason- tell me! ;) ha.

Do you still have nasal congestion and articulation issues?
I never really did suffer with nasal congestion... Afrin really helped me. If it is still bothering you I suggest you ask your doctor for something. Like a nasal spray... (Which is what Afrin is). And um yeah... I have a splint in- thus my speech is a little messed up with a little lisping. Plus my right part of my lip is numb making it hard to move it. haha. My speech is muffled, but understandable. It just keeps getting better and better though.

Do you feel like you are producing a lot of saliva? And you have to constantly swallow?
Yeah, it was much worse- to the point where I was drooling everywhere, but I have it under control now, and that too continues to get better. My saliva has gone down a bit though... I am not sure why it feels like that. I think I will ask my surgeon on Tuesday. Good question.

I am starting to eat normal Monday- a week after- is that normal, or really fast?
Holy cow! That is realllllllllly soon! You mean like a chewing diet? Or a non-chew soft foods diet? Because chewing a week after is asinine- not a good idea at all. I don't get clearance to start chewing again until I reach 6 weeks post op, which is when my ortho treatment starts again, and the splint comes out.

Okay, that is all the questions for today! :) Ask away though! I am open ears, and ready to answer.... Questions? :)

Love, Makay

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I promise when I get home I will put up pictures and update everyday again, but right now its just not going to happen.

My mema just died. You can read about it at

But my Nana's computer is slow. and I can't put pics up... so I will just update Friday when I get home.

Thanks for understanding. I will be back on track Friday... with a BIG update.

Love, Makay

Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 11...

This morning I woke up... laying on my left side... NOT good. I mean it wasn't hideous, but my left side was unevenly swollen. My right looked good (you could see cheekbones and everything), but my left was just really swollen up. My lips were pretty "Angelina" this morning. It was quite a sight. haha.

Since I have been at my Nana and Papa's I have been living off of Mashed Potatoes and Pudding ha. Today was my little brother's 9th Birthday, we celebrated and I couldn't have cake BUT my Mom picked me up a little container of Chocolate Whipped Frosting. It was SO good. Not gonna lie. :)

Oh, and my brother and sis were chowing down on Fruity Pebbles this morning and I was pretty upset I couldn't munch along with them (they are one of my faves), but my mom had the genius idea to pour the cereal, and milk in the little blender and turn it into mush. It sounds unappetizng but it was DELICIOUS! mmmm... perfect. ha. I really wanted them.

I am starting to get feeling back in my lips... I have more feeling on my top left side of my lip, thus resulting in a crooked toothy smile. I snapped a pic today and when I get home I will post it. You will all be suprised at how much my fat face has come down haha. I can see some bone structure. CRAZY. :)

Talking is getting a little better. Slowly, but surely. I just have to stay patient with it.

I know it probably annoying to read all this with no "visual" break. Haha. I know. But I am trying to help, and have no card reader, or web cam, thus I have no way to post pictures. DANG IT! But soon.... soon. And it will be like a surprise. :)

Today my Mema passed. :( Actually it was just an hour or 2 ago. Keep my family in your prayers. Thanks for your thoughts. We appreciate it. She was a good woman. We love her.

Okay... so if you have any questions please JUST ASK. :) I am open ears, and glad to answer....


Love, Makay

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 10...

I am celebrating my "double digits" at my Nana and Papa's house... Yes I just travelled 7 hours only a week and 1/2 after jaw surgery. No, it was not easy. I was starving by the time I got here. But my Nana made me some mashed potatoes, so I felt better. ha.

My Mema is dying. My Mother's grandma, so we wanted to be here. So we will be here for 4-5 days which means no picture updates... because her computer doesn't have a camera- and she doesn't have wi-fi so I can't use my computer... when I get home how I look will be a surprise. Till then I will keep you updated on how I feel... and I will continue to answer you questions.

Brent asked:
How have you been sleeping?
Suprisingly well. The first night I only got like 3 hours of dosing, because the stinkin' nurses kept coming in to check my "vital signs" and shoot medications in my IV... but once I was home the 2nd night I slept 6 hours straight. Then 8 from the 3rd night on. Which is really well. I have been OUT. This surgery drains your energy, and I am ready to just conk out by 10pm. haha.
Have you been sleeping propped up?
YES YES YES YES!!! Sleep elevated. This is verrrrrry important because it helps the swelling go down. If you sleep flat on your back your face will be the size of a large watermelon by morning. I am sure your surgeon will remind you, but sleep ELEVATED. haha. And yes. A recliner works well. I slept in the recliner for the first 3 nights home. It worked out very well. :)
Who was your primary care taker for the first week?
My Mom. Haha. And my Dad too. Dr. wise it was Dr. Turvey with his cheif resident Dr. Politano. But yes my parents took care of me, and all that. It worked out. Let me know if this isn't what your wife wanted to know... because I am not exactly sure what you are asking.
What did the primary care taker provide you with for the first 48 hours-week?
My Mom and Dad's main job was food and medication. That's about it. My mom helped me shower the first day (washing my hair). I was pretty independent past the first 3-4 days. You will have a lot of meds to keep track of, so my rents made a little schedule chart to help remind us. It helped I would recommend doing that. My mom and dad took shifts and slept with me for the first 3 nights (when I was in the recliner) so they could give me meds and let me feel safe.
I hope I answered all your questions. Let me know if I didn't or if you need more info. Glad to help! :)
Questions anyone? Ask away....

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 9...

Hey all! It is day 9, and I am happy to reach double digits tomorrow. :) But we will wait for that celebration. ;)

I wanted to give you all an update with pictures.

"I have CHEEKBONES!!!!??? Say what? WAHOO!"

"Oh, why yes, this lovely perfect bite does belong to me!" haha. ;)

How do you think I am coming along?


Then I wanted to help you out with food ideas... A soft food diet is super annoying, but you have to do it. So you need some food that tastes good? Here are some ideas! :)

Grits with chopped up scrabbled eggs mixed in- this is super easy and delicious. Just make sure the eggs are really tiny.

Pasta with Alfredo sauce blended up with cheese on top

Pudding <--- I totally love the Banana Cream flavor. mmmm mmmmm gooooood. haha.

Ice Cream- So good, as always. I like chocolate the best, but thats just a preference.

Baked Beans- Really good, and a great source of protein just blend em up. :)

Mac and Cheese- Any kind of pasta, just blend it up. But mac and cheese is really good.

Chicken salad- If it isn't fine enough you may have to throw it in a chopper, but it is good.

Jello Chocolate Mousse- Okay this is a bit expensive, but it is to DIE for. I love it.

Jello- Good, but it dyes your lips a little bit... haha.

Soups- Any kind of soup with out gigantic hunks of meat is fine. Tomato is good.

Apple Sauce- Really good. They have all kinds of flavors and it is great for a serving of fruit.

Mashed Potatoes- good. I had some with gravy last night and they were really filling.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes- A little butter- A little cinnamon- A little sugar. Mashed altogether? OMG. Delicious.

Tonight!? I am having Spaghetti blended up and a dessert of Icing and maybe ice cream. You see its our neighbor, Ms. Sherri's Bday. No cake for me. :( But I will settle with some icing. MMMM. One of my favorite things on the planet. :)


That is all for now. When I discover some more good food I will let you know, but I wanted to get some up for all of you who are drastically losing weight, or need to know what to buy. This is good. :)

Let me know if you have any questions...

Or some good eats to share! :)

Love, Makay

Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 8...

I have made it over the one week mark, which means it only gets better from here- at least the swelling and numbness. :) So I asked if you had any questions, and guess what? You gave me some, so here goes. I am going to answer the best I can....

Are you still feeling numb? Do you have any feeling in you face yet?
Actually yes I do. I have gotten some back, which my doctors think is AMAZING because it has only been a week. Here I show in this picture where the numbness is. The purple areas indicate "feeling" the red is "numbness". I don't know if you will be able to read the words... Let me know if you can't.

How does your tongue rest inside your mouth? Does it feel crowded?
The inside of my mouth feels different. Not going to lie, and it took some getting used to but it does not feel crowded. I asked my surgeon the same question. I mean it seems logical right? They are taking your bottom jaw away so you wouldn't have as much room for your tongue? Not the case though. He said that they move your jaw back, and your tongue moves with it. Which is true, because my tongue feels normal. Great question though! :)

How do you brush the inside of your teeth?
I am not sure what tooth brush you are using, but let me introduce you to my best friend... ;)

It is a baby toothbrush, stage 1. It has soft bristles and a small head. And I can EASILY fit it between my teeth. I then just shove it back there and brush the back of the teeth. I know it may sound painful, but with a bit of practice, and you will be able to do it too. Make sure to have your rubber bands off before you do it... you have better mobility. (maybe I will make a video of how to brush your teeth. tell me if you would be interested.)

Can you talk and sing yet?
Yes I can talk. Not well, but I can do it a bit. It lets me get my message across most of the time. It is getting better though. I can't sing. really haven't tried. I have hummed though. Thats easy. haha.

Is your nose and cheeks producing oil?
More than usual? Yeah. I mean not too bad, but my skin feels kinda like after a sunburn... rougher, and a little oily... I think it is from moving my face so much... I don't know though. Good question. I am sure it will go away. So no worries. I just can't wait to exfoliate. That would hurt now though.

Update on Day 8:

Here is the swelling:

I do believe this is my first picture with a "legit" smile. haha. I can't wait for my lips to come down so I can do a full on toothy grin haha... :D It is a bit crooked do to the uneven swelling, and other stuff like that. No worries... ha.

Profile Time...

I wanted to leave you all with a little comparison. :)

If you guys have ANY more questions feel free to ask. I will try and answer them the best I can. :)