Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 100!!!

I HAVE MADE IT! Day 100... quite the milestone.

So verrrrry sweet!


Just a "gaze", a normal look throughout the day... ha.

Oh, how I love my bite!

Last night was homecoming! Super awesome! Check out details and WAY more pictures on my other blog HERE!!!

I was gawking over how different I look compared to let's say my Sweet 16... And NOW (last night at homecoming)! AHHH! I LOVE IT!

What do you guys think!?

I just love my new smile, and I always show it off now!

Dan and I at homecoming! :)


Worth a celebration? At least a virtual one? I think so! haha.

Sooooo here is a video of my "transformation"...

So what do you think about my transformation thus far?

Any questions for me to answer?

I hope I still have followers... haha.

Love, Makay

Sunday, October 10, 2010

3 months and 3 days! haha

FINALLY! My life is close to normal- I can eat almost anything, except apples and carrots and such... and I love my new bite!

Here is a before to ponder on...

Shizammmmm! ha. :)

How are all my FOLLOWERS!???!?!?!
Do I still have you? ha.

Love, Makay

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Project UNBOUND (please read)

So this post is not really about my jaw, or my teeth (I promise I will answer your questions in my next post), however do not disregard this...
I currently am working to raise $6,000 dollars in order to fund 1,000 bibles to the persecuted Christians of India. Did you realize that every 3 minutes a Christian is martyred? If not, now you know, and you are aware, which makes you responsible to do something about it.

I am going to be raising money for this cause:

1.) Through donations, from generous people like YOU!
2.) Sponsorships
3.) My Benefit Concert, UNBOUND.

So you may want to know a little bit about my benefit concert, I am going to be hosting it November 13th, and I have recording artists, Day of Grace, The Alter, Written in Red, and The RETURN coming out! I am thrilled! It is going to be a rocking night and I will be raising the money as well!

As you can see in this picture, the red represent the Bibles that have been sponsored already by generous organizations, however the blue represents how many are still waiting for God's Word to reach them! You can help change that by Donating to Project UNBOUND!

Please consider giving a generous donation to this project! It is going to be impacting thousands of persecuted Christians, and inspiring others to make a change! Even a simple donation of $5 helps get closer to my goal! I know with the help of bloggers like you guys I can do it! Also if you have a business, and would like to sponsor the benefit concert and project with $100 + you will be considered an "official sponsor" and you will get your company name on the back of the shirt, and the shirts are the tickets into the concert! So it is great advertisement!
If you would like to sponsor, email me at If you would like to contribute by purchasing a t-shirt please email me as well, they are $20 plus shipping an handling... and are SUPER cool (I can email you the design if you are interested)...

AND If you would like to donate, Do NOT hesitate! Do it now...

Thanks soooo much! I knew I could count on my awesome bloggers!

For more information please visit,

Love, Makay