Saturday, November 5, 2011

Senior Year-

I am so happy with the results I think I could honestly jump for days... 

Today I got my senior pictures taken, and when I was given a sneak peek and was shown this picture I just couldn't believe how far I have come. What amazing things the surgery has done to my confidence level... although this surgery was not simply cosmetic (NOT by a long shot...) it really did some incredible good for the way I see myself. 

Please let me know if you have any questions at all, I would be glad to answer them... 

and feel free to email me as well for a quicker response. :)

Love Always, 


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Better than Ever, Except...

Hello World... 

How am I doing after surgery?

Well. It has been over a year now, and honestly it feels like some distant memory. I honestly have trouble remembering those first few weeks after surgery- all I remember was how awful it was, drooling on myself incessantly. Other than that I don't remember a whole lot. It seems like it happened once upon a dream, which I suppose is great news for some of you, especially those of you who are going through it right now. 

I have been doing great except I am currently getting my upper two wisdom teeth and those little buggers hurt! I have to get them out, there is no date on the calendar yet, but you can be sure I will be blogging about it... it is part of the jaw-journey... 

Because of my history with surgery I have to get them extracted by my surgeon, Dr. Turvey, rather than my dentist... which although it is a bit of a hassle makes me MUCH more comfortable with the whole situation... 

I thought I might as well share some pictures with you all from this past weekend up to the mountains, it was incredibly beautiful up there! 

Sometimes life is like a wind that just brushes right by, and honestly this past year has gone by at a rapid speed... I reach to grasp it, and hold on to my youth, but it will be gone before I know it... 

Let me know if you have any questions... any questions at all! 
And if you leave your email, I may be able to respond quicker, nevertheless I will respond. 

Have a blessed day! :) 


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

De-Braced and Can't Stop Smiling

 Hey everyone, it has been forever. I realize that, and I apologize, but that just goes to prove that after surgery life goes on. The experience only remains in your distant memory. At times though it seems like just yesterday...

I have great news (which may be obvious due to the title) my journey is complete! I have been de-braced! The bars were removed and I was set free 2 days before my Junior prom and I couldn't stop smiling... My teeth felt so free! 

I just got back from a mission trip from Alaska, and I was thrilled to continually smile the entire 3 weeks! My dearest friend Mari was my smily partner on the expedition! 

Life without braces, and a normal jaw is sweet, and honestly I wouldn't even think about it or appreciate my smile if I hadn't of had to go through my jaw journey! 

Does anyone have questions? :) 

I missed you all! I hope you are doing well. 

Love, Makay

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some Photos and Some Love...


Finally I can live the way I want.

No insecurities about my bite... they have dissipated-

Bring on the profile shots...

Shining my super big smile incessantly (can you find me? not hard.) haha!

No underbite! :) This is amazing!

Look at that bite! Perfection!


So I know this wasn't informational, however I pray it is inspirational... I went through hell to get where I am, and I am so glad I did! Every second was worth it!

Stand in the Rain all my lovelies!

You will make it through this storm!

This is where the healing begins! This is the journey... to a better you!

Let me know about any questions and or concerns you have! I am here to help! (Leave me your email in the comment box if you want a faster response! I will get back to you asap that way!)

Love Always and Blessings,

Monday, January 24, 2011

Delayed Update...

Hi all my lovelies! :) How are you?

I am fabulous. :)

I am sure you want to see some update pictures... since I haven't posted in forever...

Compared to a month or two ago my face has gotten a more "heart" shaped feel rather than a circle- swelling is basically 100% down, and I am just so happy!

I'm going to amaze you with another set of before and afters... :)

Shizamm! :)

I am stuck with braces for a while longer, hopefully they will be off by April- that's what we are praying for...

I was wondering if you had any questions, or any concerns...

Or any topics for me to post about...

I guess my posts right now are sort of dry... :)


Love, Makay