Sunday, August 29, 2010

Questions and Answers...

Hey guys! :) I wanted to answer your questions before school tomorrow, otherwise I was afraid it would be pushed off till next weekend... so here you go...

Did you ever eat with a mirror?
YES YES YES. ha. My mirror was my best friend for the first 2 weeks. I found it helpful to eat with it, one- because I couldn't open very wide at first, and it helped me find my mouth haha. AND it helped me keep it less of a mess. Eventually I just got tired of it and I wanted to be able to eat in public, and without it- so it kinda gradually disappeared.

How do you open so wide?
Exercise! Seriously... make sure you are opening as wide as you can and stretching everyday. This is very important if you want to make it back to your original range of motion. You need to open wide, and push your bottom jaw forward and side to side. It will be very uncomfortable for a while, but it subsides. Trust me, it helps you in the long run. My doctor said "Do not worry, you are not going to break your jaw(s) they are bolted and held together, you are fine. Just make sure you are stretching." Do it.

Did you really get your maxilla widened or just moved forward 2mm?
It was widened! They cut the roof of my mouth in half through the inside and put bone graph in between- it was widened 2mm. My top jaw was moved forward 6mm. My bottom moved back 3mm. And my chin moved forward 4mm. The perfect profile, and bite! :)

Your nose looks wider. Do you think this is the result of the surgery or something else?
Nope, it is a result of the surgery... here I am going to try and explain it- so think about it... I had a bone deficency in my top jaw- They pushed my top jaw forward 6mm! That is alot. So my cheeks used to be shallow, and when they pushed it my top jaw forward it brought cheekbones out, which pushed my nose forward. However this is a benefit to me! My nose used to be very pointy, and very defined. I love my nose, and the results that the surgery gave me. Here is a picture for comparison purposes, it NEVER gets old...

Is there still swelling?
Yes, not enough to affect my daily activities, no one notices, but me. Most of the swelling occurs in the morning, and then it goes down throughout the day.

Shout-out to Rosa!!!
I have no regrets. This has made my confidence hit the roof, and it has made me so very happy! I can bite into anything, and honestly all the pain and burdens were 900% worth it!!! DO IT. Trust me you will not regret it, I know it is a HUGE life altering decision, but I say go for it. This was the best decision I EVER made.

(Would you mind letting me see your bite? Is it how mine used to be).

How long do you do the salt water rinses?
I never did them. :O haha. Other than rinsing my infection drain (but that is whole other story! ha).

Did you feel like your elastics were super tight?
Yep, it is normal, they put a lot of pressure on my teeth, and it even gave me headaches. Do not worry, it will be over soon. Just push through it.

ANY more questions? Go ahead! shoot. :)

I will answer.

Also I promised you all a food post- it is coming soon. I promise, oh, and so are some update pictures.

Love, Makay

Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 50...

WOO WOO! I have made it to a huge mark! Day 50?!?! Halfway to 100... crazy. It feels like it was just yesterday, but then I think about all that has happened and I realize it has been a while.

So I went back to school on Wednesday- and I have English with one of my best friends Wes and something HILARIOUS happened! A little embarrassing, but definitely something to laugh about- so I am sitting there- wes to my left and then I hear someone, "Pshhhh... Makay... hey..." I look over at Wes and he points to his chin, "you are dribbling a bit ky..." he says in a subtle whisper... Needless to say I had a trickle of saliva running down my chin and I didn't even know it- my chin is still completely asleep! ha. It was great- we both got a great laugh out of it.

I do not have much time to blog today, but I will post a lonnnng post hopefully this weekend answering all your awesome questions that you left on the last post. If you anything else to ask leave a comment and ask. :)

Love, Makay

Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 46...

Hey all my faithful bloggers! :) How are you? I have been so busy, and that is good, because that means life is becoming much more normal as time goes on. Today I had a meeting and we had lunch at a local joint and I bit into my first cheeseburger! WOWZER what a historic day in my journey haha. It was great. I just bit straight through with my front teeth. I hardly make a mess anymore. It is great. Of course the occasional crumb is left on my chin and I can't feel it- that's embarrassing, but that is the worst of it. Drooling has pretty much dissipated into a non-existant issue.

Look at the difference...

I mean really? What do you sayyy! AH. :D

So time to answer some of your questions...

Did you ever have any problems with your bands? Or was it not that bad?
They weren't too bad, aside from the headaches and the pain of having to change them all the time, but no not really- they weren't that big of a deal.

Were you wearing your bands the whole time you had your splint in(except for meals)?
Yeppity Yep... I still wear bands... but only one on my right side. Before I was wearing 2 during the day... and 3 at night.

So lower jaw was moved back and upper jaw was widened. Did they widen your top jaw?
Yes my upper was brought forward 6mm, bottom back 3mm, chin forward 4mm, and top widened 2mm.

If so, did it feel like your tongue was always touching your palate?
No. It is different, but once the swelling went down I had no issue. You have to wait it out. Trust me in a week or two it will be fine... you just have to be patient with the swelling. The roof of my mouth was swollen and made it hard to swallow- that gets muchhhh better. Promise. :) (Oh, and YEAH! scarf them pancakes down!!!! They are so good. ha.)

Oh, and Brent... I will answer your question in the next post... I have to think about it a little... ha. ;)

So questions anyone? Anything? :)

Also would you be interested in a food post? I can help. haha. I know your menu can get a little mundane.

Love, Makay

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy 6 Weeks to ME!!! :)

I have made it to 6 weeks today! I am so happy to keep reaching new marks! 2 more weeks and will be 2 months. CRAZY- I mean it feels like I just had it done- like a day ago!

Today I had my first orthodontist appointment. They removed the AWFUL surgical wires which were so heavy and making my teeth sore, and also all the hooks that continually gave me ulcers! It was such a relief to get lighter wires- and no hooks. I am done with rubber bands... except one on my right side- she said my top teeth need to come back a little on that side- she said it is the muscles- you have to retrain them. We are just fine tuning at this point.

I have a chain on my bottom teeth- I have a small gap still between my bottom 2 middle teeth. Not a big deal. Honestly. I am pretty happy with everything. I am content now because it is like I am back to "Normal" other than not being able to eat anything I want- I am still on soft foods- well soft chew. But hey its better than no chew- right? ;)

All the ladies in the orthodontist office were Oooohing and Awwwing over my new bite, and we even took a peek at my before for comparison! :) All the women were amazed, and asking me questions. It made me feel good, because it was like they really "appreciated" or "understood" all I went through to get to this point, and made a big deal. It was fun.

Then afterwards my Mom and I went out to a local Mexican joint- San Fan- for some burritos. I even ate a few tortilla chips!!! *gasp* It was awesome!!! :)

Here look at my TEETH! No more spikes or surgical wires! I AM FREE! :)


I am so happy with the results, and I am just one step closer to getting these braces off! :)


So guys... any questions? I haven't gotten any in ages?

XOXO, Makay

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Underbite No More...

Forever you are gone.
No more insecurity.
No more trying to hide you!
No more fear of being thought of as "disformed"
No longer feeling unworthy- not beautiful.

Forever it is gone.

I am so glad to be free.

to no longer have to hide behind it.
No more insecurity.

I am the same person...

Just a new sense of confidence.

I am love who I am. I love where I am.

And I love my smile!

How long I have waited to say that. :D

Love, Makay

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Great Appointment!!!

So today I went to my surgeon for another follow-up (which we are done with those for 6 weeks now...), but anyways- Dr. Turvey released me to my orthodontists care now- I go back to my ortho on Thursday... so that should be interesting. I asked the big question...

When do I get my braces off????!!!!

his answer?

3-6 months!!!!!!!! max.


I am so excited- I mean seriously. He said that my teeth are very straight, my bite RIGHT ON, and so there should only be a little bit of "fine tuning" and they can come off. Can I get an "AMEN!?" I am thrilled.

Obviously... HAHA...

Oh, and I compared my old profile to now...

Dang! I don't even look like the same person! I am so happy... this before and after makes it ALLLLL worth it.

How are you guys? Any questions?

Love, Makay

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Woo Woo!

Today is...

Day 37

Geeeeez, it is crazy how fast all this is going by. I mean the first week definently felt like forever, but now everything is getting so much easier. I mean I am still dealing with a bunch of stuff- like numbness (though it really isn't a major concern because it is coming back) and swelling (especially in the morning), but compared to the first couple weeks this is NOTHING. ha. I am glad to be getting back into the normal routine of life, and being able to talk and do more with my friends. :)

Oh, so the I was looking through my videos and here is a 30 second clip from pre- op... This is so you guys can see my speech pattern- and compare it to after...

Here is Post-Op...

It is so different, I mean 1.) I have cheek bones, haha... but 2.) the way I move my mouth, and my voice even sounds different. My lisp is virtually gone! :) Ah. The results are INCREDIBLE. This surgery was worth ALL of it. Even the 6 week no-chew diet, even the drooling, and the pain! All of it was so worth it.

Here is my update picture...

I will start taking better update pictures- honestly this stinks, but whatever. haha.

So what do you think about my voice!? CRAZY RIGHT? ha.

So do you have any questions? I haven't answered any in ages- maybe you can think of some?

Love, Makay

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day Something...

I am starting to lose track of how many actual days it has been since surgery- it is starting to fade and I am finally getting my life back. Here are some update pictures...

Do you notice anything?!?!

The splint is OUT!!!!! :D

I went for a post op appointment yesterday and he said that it could come out. I was ecstatic. I a feeling realllllly good right now. I am even on a soft chew diet now... Watch this video. I answer some questions and explain the splint situation! YAY.

Here are my update pictures...

I have a cheesy smile when I try... haha...

I have been having a ton of fun with my friends- we have been chilling at the pool, and just hanging out. It has been so much fun- full of laughs. My best friend just got back from a mission trip to Honduras. I am so glad she is back! She had not seen me since surgery (she was gone 7 weeks) and she really had a positive response. :)

She spent the night and actually went to the surgeon appointment with me. She saw how excited I was after getting my splint out and she was like "WHOA your speech. You sound so much better!" ha.

It was a great time. I am so glad to have the splint off! WOO WOO!!!!!!! :D

So anyways...

Questions? Comments? Anyone? haha.

Love, Makay

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 31...

Holy Cow!? Day 31! Sorry I went AWOL for a few days. My best friend just got home from Honduras and I have been with her and awaiting her arrival- ha. So I figure I might as well open with some update pictures...

Here is a SUPER SUPER big smile. :) ha. Just for you guys...

And here is my profile...

So my swelling has started coming down a little more. I have more definition in my cheeks, and I can smile much bigger than before... I am opening wider too... check it out- this is the difference since last week... (yes, they are awkward, but what else am I to do? ha)...

I am just so tired of this no-chew diet! AHHHH! I want food- legit food, with texture. This splint is also driving me insane- It is giving me a lisp and making my words unclear sometimes. It also gets food stuck in it! EW. ha.

So I have been told that my lips look more "volumptious" (thanks Wes), and that my eyes stand out more- and I look so pretty (Why thanks Mrs. Cari!), Oh, and well- Basically "YOU LOOK BETTER!" ha. Even if not everyone comes out and tells me I look better they all hint around by giving me these cute little compliments (which totally make my day).

So to sorta answer Sarah's question:

Yes I do drink out of straw- I don't know if I am suppose to. I do it when we are out so that I don't dump it on myself. Ha. Its gotten quite easy, but I guess if your doc told you not to don't that could lead to issues (which I am sure you don't want to risk hahaha)... Oh, and about exercise!!! AHHHH! yes. I miss it. But soon. Soon I can work out hard core, but until then I am forced to lift dinky weights (10 pounds, come ON! ha) and do squats and such- OH and walk... obviously. ;)

So I hope I helped- though I doubt I did. ;)

Are there any questions?!

Love, Makay

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Wowzer! Already? It seems like yesterday I was saying, "Only 9 more months", and here I am with my perfect bite typing this post- oh, look- now I am smiling. ;) ha.

So today was a really great day. I had some friends over- and as usual they made me laugh until I cried and it was just a great time.

My friend Wes shaved his mohawk- *gasp* ha. It was only a matter of time, his girlfriend was pushing him, and I admit I was too. ha.

Here we are... look at our nerdy glasses! (don't worry they are 3D glasses with the lenses popped out... ha)...

I know this is dark, but it is SO legit... hahaha...

Yes I am aware we look ridiculous- That is kind of the point... ha.

We also made brownies- which was an interesting experience- so interesting that we decided to record and animate the entire experience. ha. They are so fun! (Oh, and I totally ate one! I just cut it up and put it in... easy. and delicious!)

This video is completely unrelated but HILARIOUS!

You gotta love how Wes' point of view changes... hahahhahaha...

Anyways- thank you all for your kind words on my new haircut! I really love it! You guys are just so supportive and you have helped make this journey way easier! Seriously. :)

I am open for Q&A but I do not have any questions... so what do you all wanna know???

I am an open book! :)

Love, Makay

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 27...

Welcome to day 27... WOO WOO! What a day today has been... I have been busy working to complete my "Makeover" ha. A lot of my family members sent me money to help boost my confidence over this whole process and today I finally put it to use! SERIOUS shopping spree, and I finally got my hair cut! I did a mix between the Mandy Moore style, and Selena Gomez.

Anyway here is a before...

(excuse the swelling- this was taken a while ago, ha)

Here is the new hair...

Check it out-

I also got some new clothes! :) I got this dress at H&M and I love itttt! I can dress it up or down, and it is the perfect date dress. ha.

What do you all think? I really like it! Of course my hair is curly, but she had to "blow it out" so she could make adjustments... :) I am really happy with it.

I got a ton of great deals at H&M, and some cute shoes at Rack Room- overall it was a very successful day! ha.

Okay so I am going to answer your questions now...

Did you ever have any congestion?
Yeah, I did, but it has gradually gone away. My nose was really stuff and all that, but now it has passed- I used afrin and sudafed when it was bad... I hope that helps, but I think you are doing all you can for now.

Will you have to undergo any kind of speech therapy, or do any type of exercise to help strengthen your jaw?
No speech therapy I should adjust on my own. The reason I have a lisp and sound weird now is due to being rubber banded AND this stupid splint! ha. I am doing exercises to help strengthen my jaw- like opening as wide as I can, and pushing my jaw side to side and pushing it forward- all that- but that is all. (Maybe I will do a "Jaw" exercise video- interested? ha).

I've read that you're not allowed to sneeze or cough for awhile. Is that true? For how long? Have you felt the need to sneeze? If so, what do you do?
It is true. Only because it would be extremely painful if you did. ha. My doc did not give me a specific time that I couldn't I just started to when I felt I could handle it. I was coughing by Day 2 because I felt like I had stuff in my throat (granted they were soft coughs) ha. Now I cough and sneeze regularly. I had to sneeze the day after surgery and it was so annoying because I couldn't- I knew if I did I would blow my brains out and it would hurt- so I refrained. When I did finally sneeze for the first time I kinda held my body and just tried to hold it in and keep it from jolting me too much. It really wasn't that bad. :) Don't worry.

Anywayyys. I hope I helped! ha. :)

I am thrilled with my new hair! WOO WOO! ha. What do you all think? Cute?

I have always felt the need to hold on to the hair to cover my underbite, but not anymore! I am loving it!

GOODBYYYYYYE underbite!!!! ha.

Oh, and questions? ;)

LOVE, Makay

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 26...

Hey all! Here is my update for the day! I just wanted to let you all know that I am going to slow the posts down a little bit after my next ortho surgeon appt. Back down. II mean things have stopped drastically changing and I really would hate to make my blog mundane and flavorless- kinda like a liquid diet. ;) ha.

That appointment is next Tuesday. :)

I am praying that this stinkin' splint comes out- it makes my teeth sore and is just a hunk of plastic that food gets stuck in and slurs my speech! ARGH. ha. I also hope he puts me on a soft chew diet! I am too excited- ha.

Anyways today was my Dad's 40th birthday (you can read more about that here)and we had a Turkey dinner- along with stuffing, mashed potatoes, cheesecake, and cranberry sauce, which is what I ate. mmmm... It is so good starting to venture out to something other than my beloved plain taters (even though they are good, they get a bit boring). ha.

I am getting my hair done and I am getting pretty stoked! I have wanted to do this, but have been playing it safe- I mean my underbite was a major insecurity that I felt I needed to hide, but not anymore! Can someone give me an, "AMEN!" ha. Then after the hair I get to go shopping! What a perfect day (that I certainly will be blogging about!)

Here is what I am thinking for my hair...





What do you all think? Which is your favorite? Or a better question may be- Which would look better on me? ha. Thanks for your opinion! :)

I will answer the questions from the last post and any that you leave on this post next time! :)

So questions anyone???

LOVE, Makay

Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 25...

I have made it to yet another day! WOO HOO! :) Everyday is a step towards full recovery and I am thrilled! Here is my update pictures...

And today I decided to try something different... I answered your questions in video format... So let me know how you like that...

I also wanted to let you compare my voice before surgery and after- the comparisons NEVER get old for me... ha.

Pre-Op (this is for comparison to the 2nd video... no new info in the first video, obviously, haha)...

Post-Op (Questions and Answers)...

I hope you all enjoyed the comparison videos, and the Questions and Answers in the 2nd vid!

I am open for more questions!


LOVE, Makay

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 24...

Today after church my fam and I went out for some Italian at Macaroni Grill- I was afraid I was going to be stuck drinking some water, and sipping some Minestrone. I decided to order the Lasagna, and just give it a try. When it came I chopped it up with my spoon, and WAHLA! It was the perfect consistency and I was able to eat it with ease! Then my Mom and Dad ordered some Tiramasu which was also PERFECT. Aw. It was killer. Seriously. Real food... finally. :)

That being said when I got home I had to brush a ton of noodles out of my splint. Gross! But true. ha.

Here are my update pics of the day...

Here is my comparison to last Sunday- the swelling is WAY down (seriously! I look like a different person, ha)... Woo Woo...

So NOW we have some questions to answer...

Did you donate blood before your surgery?
No way. They did tell me I may have to undergo a blood transfusion if I lost too much, but it would be donor's blood. They didn't wanna take anything from me! They even put me on Iron supplements to boost my blood count.

How is it that you have more defined cheekbones? Is that normal?
It is completely normal! If you have your top jaw moved forward (like I did) you will see a more definition- plus I had my top jaw moved dramatically! 6mm! Wowzer. So that really helped define my cheekbones! Here look at this video... it kinda shows the surgery "generally". (I had a genioplasty and a split on the top to widen... so that isn't shown here)

Will I be able to take my bands off to eat?
I am allowed to, and most of the other bloggers I have seen have been able to, however you need to check with your surgeon. ASAP. I know eating through a syringe for 6 weeks would be pure hell, thus I am very happy I can take my bands off and enjoy my Mashed taters! ha. I am on a no chew diet, but I can have solids... so its cool.

I hope I am helping! :)

If there is ANYTHING you are wondering... or have a question about go ahead and ask! :) I am here to help, and plus what would I blog about if you all knew everything? ha.

Let me know what you are interested in me blogging about... I will try and do it!

LOVE, Makay