Sunday, May 30, 2010

A little Update... and a discovery.

I have found a miracle product for dry and chapped lips (due to braces)!!!! SOFTLIPS CHAPSTICK! Omgosh! It works soooo good.

They have a bunch of different flavors available... I have strawberry, but cherry looks good too. This stuff is AWE-mazzzzzing! :) haha. Try it out. I got mine at Target.

I got my braces tightened, surgical wire molds, and xrays.... it stunk! I hated that appointment. It was in the morning (that is where we messed up, I AM NOT a morning person haha)... the lady kept messing the molds up by tearing them... and if you have had molds taken you know it is MESSY and is GROSS!!! She had to redo it 3 times!!! 3 TIMES!!!!!! haha. Ridiculous. Then she had to take xrays... where I basically had to strip down because everything had metal in it... ugh. Then She had to double chain my bottom teeth... so a powerchain behind the wire and one in front... You know that gap I was freaking out about? Well that is what it was for, to try and close it because everything they have tried hasn't worked....But the gap is closing now... slowly, yet surely.

Anyway... there is my shpill. I hope you enjoyed it. I only have 6 more days of school... and I only have 1 month till my surgery!!! I am so excited. haha and nervous....

Anyways. There, an update. haha. Leave me comments or questions for my next post.

Love, Makay

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nothing Much...

Not much has been going on, yet I wanted to post to let you know that I am not neglecting this blog. I actually have an appointment tomorrow morning at 9:30am and I am getting surgical molds and new wires... maybe I will bring my camera along too, and take a video. :) haha we will see...

My friend Britt shared this song with me, and now I CAN NOT stop listening to it!!!! :D

I love it... "Love Like Crazy." A little random for a Jaw Blog, but I wanted to share. :)

I will let you know how it goes tomorrow... and how did you like the song? Amazing? Yeah, I know. haha


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Exactly 2 Months...

2 months from today I will be undergoing my bi-jaw surgery. I am extremely eager to just "get 'er done" I am tired of waiting, and prepping... and ESPECIALLY worrying. I think that it is going to be tough, but well worth the fabulous smile come August when school starts. I have a feeling I will get loads of compliments on my looks... and weird looks... like what is different? haha. I can not wait to lose this insecurity that has been around since I was 8...

I am ready to get this little green monster off my back.

With that being said... an update? okay. Nothing has really changed, I mean my braces are still no thrill, but they are getting me closer, so why should I complain? My next ortho appointment is going to be molds... "YEEHAH!" haha. They are surgery molds and they will show how my jaw will be positioned after surgery. I hope I get to see. :)

I know I have my 1st pre-op appointment in June... so... I will bring coverage on that too.

Am I talking to myself? I feel like I am... Please leave me some questions to answer... these posts are getting a little redundant...

So that is all... here is a generic "update picture". ha.

some funnnn.... please guys... ask me something... I am getting a little bored here...

Okay guys... so what do you have for me? Ideas... questions... comments... something??? Haha


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh, how sorry I am...

Oh, this little blog of mine, how I have neglected you. haha. Sorry all of my followers! No updates for 2 weeks almost? That is brutal.

So my braces feel fine... I mean no soreness, which I actually don't like, because there is no proof that anything is changing. I go back in a week or 2 and then they will take surgery molds and up my wire size. Other than that things have been pretty much the same lately. I still feel like my jaw is WAY oversized... and I feel like a deep-sea creature, but that will all me changed in 2 months. :) WOW! It is coming up fassssst. Holy Cow.

I can't wait... but here is a picture update...

Leave me some comments and questions... I would love to post more often, but without questions I don't know what to post. Nothing super eventful has been happening lately... so leave me some questions... and/or comments.