Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Helpful Information...

I found some really helpful sites that are packed full of information. I am preparing myself for the worse and am reading everything I can get my hands on, and I thought you all might feel the same way.

I have heard rants and raves about zip-and-squeeze feeding bags, and am ordering some pronto. :)

You are letting some one operate on your face, for your sake, and for the best results make sure your O.S. is a member.:

This is a pretty good video for people that haven't researched yet. If you have already visited an O.S. you will already have heard most of this, but it has a lot of great info.:
Once again this is an informative video if you haven't had a O.S. appointment yet.:

This forum is awesome! I started to read this a few months before my first O.S. appointment and found if very helpful. Great information and experiences. It is almost like a condensed blog.:

And if I discover any more helpful or intresting sites I will post them. Please leave comments if you know of any other sites as well. Also take a look at the blogs I follow... They are all really informative and packed full of before and after pics.

Love Always, Makay :)

Friday, September 25, 2009


That was my reaction when people at my school began to say that I looked like pop sensation Colbie Caillat. One girl said, "Oh my gosh, Makay... I just relized exactly who you look like! Colbie Caillat!" I just looked at her and was like, seriously??? People have told me before that I look like Jennifer Aniston. What do you all think? I hope that after the surgery my jaw will look like Colbie's or Jennifer's!!! I think people see the oval face... which is similar. They are both so pretty. I take it as a compliment, but REALLY? Personally, I think I look like Makay, haha. This is for fun (help lighten up the mood of this blog a bit), so just vote... Jennifer Aniston or Colbie Caillat???


Here is a picture for comparison. I think you needed more pictures than a few of my teeth. :)

Lots of Love, Makay :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yes I have had this my whole life...

When my OS asked me if I have had underbite issues my whole life, I wasn't sure... the first time I can remember noticing it was around the 3rd grade... HOWEVER my mother said "Yes." I did not remember, so when we got home I took a fieldtrip down memory lane and relized she was right (As usual, haha.). Almost all my pictures showed my underbite. Of course it wasn't to the extent it is now, but it was obvious now that we know... I thought I would share a few...

Just look at that underbite ... and you can see the crossbite in some. (These are from when I was 2-3)

Here is about (2, 3, 4 years old). If you look you can see "it".

You can really see the older I get the more it grows... These pics are 6-8 years old...

As you can see my underbite, crossbite, and openbite has been present my whole life. However I did not grow into my jaw... the jaw just kept growing with me I suppose. I just can't wait till the surgery!!!!!!!!!! :D

Lots of Love (and Excitement), Makay :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Can't Wait Till the Day!!!

I can't wait for the day that I can smile without thinking... The day I can smile a HUGE smile (like Demi Lovato). I am dreaming of the day...

...By the way have any of you noticed that none of the teen stars have braces?! What's up with that??? Curse their perfect smiles... haha.

Braces Stink!!!

Seriously! I have joined the "I hate braces club" the day I couldn't bite into my piece of bread! My teeth are soooooo sore... And due to my crossbite I keep biting my right cheek. Resulting in evil ulcers.

This really shows my bite really well... I can't wait to get it fixed!!! :)

This shows how my far my jaw juts forward... The braces certainly don't help hide the fact. Also when I first got the braces put on the wire was not straight, but here it is the 3rd day and the wires are almost perfectly straight. I guess it is working. :)

No... I do not smile like this. I just wanted to show you my braces and the underbite... :)

So far I hate these suckers... :( They hurt no matter what people tell you. They are like bricks on your teeth. However if you are about to get braces you should invest in a Sonicare toothbrush by Phillips. Most dentist offices sell them. They are quite expensive, but well worth it. The curves in the tooth brush fit right over the brackets and the points of the bristles fit well under the wires. Not to mention the vibrations get your teeth squeeky clean! :) Braces really are no fun, but they are important to the process, so I won't complain.

Lots of Love, Makay :]

Before the Encumbrance of Braces...

Wednesday night I was hit with reality... I was getting braces the next day. Knowing this I went on a food rampage eating all the "forbidden" foods. Including popcorn, gum, tootsie rolls, nuts, and pizza crust. I decided to take some "Before" pictures, so you could see my complete metamorphosis (Sorry about the scientific words... I guess these braces are bringing out my inner "geek" haha)

This shows my crossbite and how my mid-lines are off center...

This picture shows the extent of my underbite and it also shows my open bite... I can't wait to finally be able to eat pizza with out all the toppings falling off.

This one really shows how awful the openbite is...

And the dreaded profile picture... dun... dun... DUNNNNN!!!! I am really excited about the change of my profile after sugery! I hate it!

I'll be getting back with you all to share some pics of my braces...

Lots of Love, Makay :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Time to Get Started!

Welcome to my orthodontic blog! I am jittery with excitement and anticipation for my jaw(s) surgery! I had a Orthodontic Surgeon (after this to be referred to as OS for short) appointment last Thursday... he took some pictures, gave me a ton of paper work, a packet telling about the post-op recovery, and some major news. Most of my life I figured that I would only need my bottom jaw fixed, yet Thursday I found out that I will have to get top and bottom jaw surgery. The OS said I have an open bite as well, and a cross bite! So now my surgery gained an hour in operation time, and an extra night in the hospital. I also found out that I have my bottom 2 wisdom teeth, and my top ones soon to arrive... Therefore during the surgery my OS will just go ahead and rip them out... might as well I suppose. :( After that appointment my OS sent me downstairs to a speech specialist. According to the specialist I have a lisp, but he said I was well "adapted". I also received the best present ever yesterday... braces. Uhhh... gross! (I will soon post some pictures and in-depth info on the never ending burden of braces ;D ) BUT if they will get me one step closer... I will try not to complain. :)
Lots of Love, Makay :]