Monday, December 20, 2010

Answering Some Question!

Hi all my awesome followers! I am back for an update, and I will be answering some questions that were left on the last post, however, first I wanted to share with you a before and after that is pretty awesome!

God, thank you! I love it! ha.

Now for some questions!

Many people say jaw surgery changed the shape/position/appearance of their nose --and understandably so...but does jaw surgery affect your sense of smell? (I know this is weird- but I have a really good sense of smell [bad eyesight!ha] and I'm pretty worried about possibly losing that after jaw surgery.

No- it has not affected my sense of smell- however I can breathe MUCH better- that is one of the reasons that the surgery was "medically" necessary- for breathing- I can now breathe with my mouth closed and it is awesome! So no, not an issue- at first you will be so swollen that your sense of smell is pretty bad, but don't worry- just like everything else it will come back with a little time and Afrin nose spray- ha.

Do you play a wind instrument? ...I play the trumpet. Braces have already drastically changed my embouchure- I can only imagine the effect jaw surgery will have on my ability to play.

I do not play a wind instrument, HOWEVER... I would think just like eating feels different, and brushing your teeth feels different, playing your trumpet will be different... HOWEVER... I think you will compensate perfectly- it just will feel a little strange at first, but don't worry that TOTALLY goes away, because chewing felt weird at first, but now, I can't remember it before surgery. ha.

Do you still experience numbness or tingling?

Yes. I have numbness in my chin... that's it- and its coming back- if someone touches my chin it will tingle which is SUPER annoying, but I can feel the nerves coming back- its not like completely asleep like it was at first. So yes, I still have a tiny bit of numbness, but its coming back! :)

Does anything appear to be permanently damaged? Nerve-wise, everything is back to normal?

Nope- everything is basically back to normal other than my tingly chin- ha.

When the orthodontist prepared your teeth for surgery, did your underbite become more pronounced/worse or did braces continuously make your teeth gradually better?

WORSE WORSE WORSE! That is a terrible part about this journey- it gets worse before it gets better... here look...

Before braces...

After braces had been on a while...

Here is an animation that might help you see what I am trying to show... pay close attention to the part where they put the braces on and how it straightens the teeth...

I hope you see what I am saying... but yes- it def gets worse...

I got a bit worried, that maybe the surgery might leave me with a bit of a double chin, because as they're moving the bottom jaw back, wouldn't there then be too much skin there?

No no no no! Babe, that isn't an issue at ALLLL! You body reshapes to the bone... I promise- that is not a worry. haha. :)

I try really hard to make my diction better, but I think it might be to do with my bite!do you think that would get better if I had surgery?

More than likely it IS your bite- I had unclear diction and a lisp too, and that was one of the reasons my doctor said the surgery was "medically" necessary... It is your bite- once you have it fixed you will have MUCH clearer diction... You can compare vids on my blog if you would like of before surgery and after. :) I hope that helped answer your question.

Did your hair start to fall out after your surgery?

Actually yes, now that you mention it- I was shedding and thinning like crazy- and I kinda freaked out, but I was reassured that it was the anesthesia, so don't worry too much! It stops.

Thanks everyone for asking questions! :) I feel useful again! haha! I hope I answered well- and if not- ask so more questions and I will try my best to help!


And I am still taking questions! So ask away!



  1. im 33 years old and youve inspired me all the way through. im getting my surgery in january, and im more prepared than ever thanks to your videos, photos and updates. i think you look super cute!! i hope im as lucky as you were!!!

    thanks for everything. ill keep reading and then maybe ill post something about my surgery.

    Claudia (from Chile!)

  2. Heyyy makay: YOU LOOK AMAZING! the before and after speak for themselves!!

    MY question to you is; im at my one week post op and i was wondering where you ever depressed during this time?

    Also; when you had your first post op; what did they do? because my surgeon said hes gonna torture me (in a nice way) and i sure hope he was joking..=/

    Also; did you ever feel like your bottom jaw move after worth? i dont know if its my mind playing games on me or something

    Also: when you had the infection; did your cheek feel sore to the touch? like when you would poke your cheek and it hurt?

    And the last Question: did your teeth ever hurt?

    sorry for the pile up on questions, but its like im a week post op and everything is just moving to fast...

    i wish you the best, and keep on smiling

  3. @ Claudia- THANK YOU! I am so glad I have helped you! Best of luck, I will be praying! :) Let me know how you are when you are feeling up to it!

    1.) YES! I was super depressed... I couldn't eat- tasted blood- chocked- was drooling every where- tired- sore! EVERYTHING! I was miserable. So yes... it is completely normal!
    ***I will try and answer your questions in a couple of days... just check back soon*** :)

    I want to answer the questions in a post to benefit everyone...

    Love, Makay

  4. Makay -- Looking great! Still so inspiring! I go in for my surgery in less than a month. Nervous but ready to move onto that next step. Thanks again for all of your posts -- they really are helpful!

  5. Hello Makay! I stumbled upon your blog a few days ago and I have been reading it ever since :) It's really insightful and I feel your joy upon getting your desired bite/smile :) I'm currently at the early stages of the orthodontic treatment - am about to have my braces done in about a week and I reallly fear for the drastic change in my underbite. You seemed really optimistic about the whole process, and I really admire that quality in you. Could you please share how you cope with all the insecurities? I hope you reply as it'll really help the low-confidence readers like me. God bless :D

  6. thankyou so much for answering my questions!!:)
    I was just wondering, do you know how many millimetres your underbite was before you had braces and after? mines 3 milemetres i think it's more than yours was, or it looks like it from the photo:S
    It became bigger though(it used to be 2mm I think), because I had braces on my top teeth just to straighten them, for like a temporary thing. And my orthodontist said it wouldn't make my bite worse but sadly it did hahaaa..only by 1 mm though, so it's not that badd, and you can't really tell much of a difference! and I was just wondering how much worse it would get again, when/if (i still havn't really decided!!)I get the proper braces for the surgery:) xoxoxooxxxx

  7. hi: congrats on the successful surgery
    how much weight did you lose overall?

    During the whole process did you ever feel your bones move, like if you touch the side of your jaw you can slide the bone back in fourth?

  8. Oh wow! I admire you for going through all that! I had a bad overbite but it was corrected by the dentist without surgery. Thank goodness because I am a wimp! Hope everything continues to go well for you!

  9. you are a trooper! I am impressed with you sharing this with everyone :) you look great!

  10. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on fixing your teeth and jaw. I think I have a little understanding with what's going on. My boyfriend has the same problem where his lower jaw sticks out more than his upper jaw. He has braces for the 2nd time to try to correct that because he didn't want to go through surgery. I hope this works, or else he'll have to go under the knife. I also had to get braces twice. My shifted to the side so they had to re-correct my bite.

    Congrats again!
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  11. you look way awesome! Gorgeous! You've always been a pretty girl of course. So... I had jaw surgery too- and sometimes my jaw clicks- have you had that? It never did before the surgery just after. *sadly.

  12. makays guess what!!! I had my appointment with the surgeons today and I decided I'm deffinately having the surgery!eeeeeee! I'm so happy and excited:D so I think that proves it was the right decision
    and I think I'm going to make a blog like yours of my 'jaw journey' hahaa:)
    I get my braces on in march, so I'll be getting them on when you're getting yours off! haaa lots of love xoxoxxx

  13. ooh also, I forgot to ask, did you have to have your wisdom teeth taken out a while before the surgery? I'm having mine taken out this summer!! all four of them
    and was it ok? Is it like another operation? I should've asked the orthodontist and surgeon that when i was there today but I was just so preoccupied by how happy i was!! i love my orthodontist and surgeon so much as well, they're so nice and encoraging and reassuring:D

  14. Rosaposaa! :D YAY!!! I am so excited for you! I am going to do another Vlog- so I will answer your questions in that! :D YAYAYAYAYA! That is so great! I promise it will change your life! :) In the best way imaginable! :)

  15. ohh thankyou!! I really am excited about it, and just feel soo positive:) I've just made my jaw blog!
    can you 'follow' it? I only have 4 followers!(me, my best friend, my mum and my dad.. pahaa) how do you get followers?? you have so many! I wanna inspire people like you doo!:P here is the link to it...

  16. Hello Makay!! I'm a sixteen year old girl from Europe hehe and I found your blog a while ago and it's really got me motivated :D Have you got an email address or msn? I'd love to talk to you on there, I'm having my surgery soon and i'm so excited! I've got a few questions and it would be great if you could answer them :) / Johanna

  17. Johanna- Hey girl! Yes- shoot me a line-
    Love, Makay

  18. Hey Makay i have an underbite but im scared to go for surgery afraid that it would hurt but then i saw your blog and it really helped me. just one question.
    Could you feel anything during the surgery and did it hurt?


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