Friday, December 10, 2010


That's right guys! A Vlog (noun)- video blog.


Let me know!

Post some questions! :)

Love, Makkkkkay


  1. Hello Makay! Glad to see you're doing well & your bite/smile is still perfect and gorgeous! Thanks for maintaining your blog!! As always, it's incredibly helpful and comforting to hear your reassurance about jaw surgery.

    As for questions:

    Many people say jaw surgery changed the shape/position/appearance of their nose --and understandably so...but does jaw surgery affect your sense of smell? (I know this is weird- but I have a really good sense of smell [bad eyesight!ha] and I'm pretty worried about possibly losing that after jaw surgery.

    Do you play a wind instrument? ...I play the trumpet. Braces have already drastically changed my embouchure- I can only imagine the effect jaw surgery will have on my ability to play.

    Do you still experience numbness or tingling?

    Does anything appear to be permanently damaged? Nerve-wise, everything is back to normal?

    When the orthodontist prepared your teeth for surgery, did your underbite become more pronounced/worse or did braces continuously make your teeth gradually better?

    Sorry for asking so many questions at once- I've been out of the blogging scene for a while. I'm catching up! haha

    I feel like I have other questions but can't think of them right now.

    Thanks a bunch for taking time to answer questions! Happy Holidays!! :)

  2. OHHH my gosh makay you look so unbelievably stunning!:D and so happppyyyy(thats the main thing hey) with your new bite
    can't believee it!ah! pleeease carry on your blog!! I love reading it:) I don't mind what you blog about just anything that has been interesting in your life/updates about whats different after you've had surgary etcc.:D
    Also I am curious tooo about the answers to the questions the person above this asked you!!
    I have another question.. I got a bit worried, that maybe the surgery might leave me with a bit of a double chin, because as they're moving the bottom jaw back, wouldn't there then be too much skin theree? ahaa yours looks great though! so thats reassuring:D
    Alsoo this is a bit of a wierd question,hehee but bear with me:) when I talk, the words kind of murge together and I find it hard to make the words distinct(ahh its hard to explain!!haha) and also I love singing, but the words murging thing gets worsee when I sing so you can hardly tell what I'm singing about!!grrr but I try really hard to make my diction better, but I thinkk it might be to do with my bite!do you think that would get better if I had surgery?

  3. Did your hair start to fall out after your surgery? I've had my first surgery to put a bone graft in my bottom jaw and my hair is falling out. I've heard that this can happen, but my doctor didn't mention anything about it, and I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem?
    Thanks for continuing to blog and answering everyone's questions!! :)

  4. Wow, you look SO different after surgery! :O

    Just in case you're curious, I know someone who's having something kind of similar to you. Her blog is here:

  5. what was the worst part of surgery and what can i do to help it be less bad.

  6. so I've had my jaw surgery recently, & I came across your blog. it's been around 25 days post-op& they've been.... well what can I say, but tough! I was wondering when you can actually start eating good food again. I mean I started eating soft foods & such but when we're you actually able to bite into a sandwich or something ? I'm just really curious. & also, most of my swelling has gone down except for my cheeks & chin& I'm pretty worried so I was also wondering when did your swelling fully go down ? my email is
    & for anyone else that reads this comment & has any questions about surgery, I'm still not even a month post op but I'd be more than glad to help anyone out !


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