Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some Photos and Some Love...


Finally I can live the way I want.

No insecurities about my bite... they have dissipated-

Bring on the profile shots...

Shining my super big smile incessantly (can you find me? not hard.) haha!

No underbite! :) This is amazing!

Look at that bite! Perfection!


So I know this wasn't informational, however I pray it is inspirational... I went through hell to get where I am, and I am so glad I did! Every second was worth it!

Stand in the Rain all my lovelies!

You will make it through this storm!

This is where the healing begins! This is the journey... to a better you!

Let me know about any questions and or concerns you have! I am here to help! (Leave me your email in the comment box if you want a faster response! I will get back to you asap that way!)

Love Always and Blessings,


  1. Can you pleeaasee make a blog entry about all your favorite recipies or food ideas =). Thanks =)

  2. Makay,
    Did you have a genioplasty as well, or just upper and lower?

  3. How long did it take for your swelling to go down? I'm 3 weeks post op and I feel like my swelling hasn't gone down much since last week. Kinda frustrating.

  4. swelling starts to dissapear around week 3, thats what happened to me, althought it will take 6 months to look at your "regular" face again. right now im on my 5th week, and i still have my right cheeck pretty big compared to the other one.. you just have to be patience!

  5. Thank you so much for this excellent blog!

    Just a few questions:
    - Do people who you hadn't seen since before the surgery still recognize you? I'm hoping to have this same surgery next summer, after I graduate from college, and one of the things I'm most curious about is whether or not I'll still be recognizable as the same person (like will no on recognize me at my 5-year high school reunion!).
    - How soon were you able to start exercising again, and what kind of exercise were you allowed to do? Which forms of exercise were strictly forbidden?

  6. heyy makay! how are the braces goin' for ya?? when do you get them off? i want mine off YESTERDAY. goodness. Orthodontists don't like to talk about removing braces much though I've noticed. its like they enjoy having us captive to them. sheesh.But anyway, let me know what your timeline is looking like! :)

  7. Dear Makay,

    Just spent a whole day reading your blog, Thank you very much for all of your sharing, and more important all the brevity and courage which is really inspiring. Because I do not like to get exposed entirely in front of the Internet, wish I could tell you my story (have to make a surgery in april 20th cause of an injury that came of extreme sport) but could not find a way to send a personal message. Anyhow - Thanks alot, you're an amazing human, funny, charming and beautiful.

  8. MaKay,
    You are darling, I am a 41 year old mom of 4. I found your blog very helpful. I was told that at my age i would really struggle with recovery. I have had my fare share of misery, but overall feel like im on track. It's been so great to go back and see how you survived! Thanks for the encouragement. I'ts is a long long journey!! Be well you look amazing!!

  9. You look great, what a great side profile!

  10. MAKAY!! You're looking amazing! I haven't been on in quite a while so I enjoyed catching up reading your blog :) You look so good! I'm so happy for you :)


  11. YOu look so happy .. and congrats on that jaw surgery .. i'm about to go into that process pretty soon and i'm so nervous .


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