Monday, January 24, 2011

Delayed Update...

Hi all my lovelies! :) How are you?

I am fabulous. :)

I am sure you want to see some update pictures... since I haven't posted in forever...

Compared to a month or two ago my face has gotten a more "heart" shaped feel rather than a circle- swelling is basically 100% down, and I am just so happy!

I'm going to amaze you with another set of before and afters... :)

Shizamm! :)

I am stuck with braces for a while longer, hopefully they will be off by April- that's what we are praying for...

I was wondering if you had any questions, or any concerns...

Or any topics for me to post about...

I guess my posts right now are sort of dry... :)


Love, Makay


  1. Hi Makay -

    You look great! Glad you are doing well :)

  2. hey makay;
    you look amazing; wow so it really does take swelling to come down in months =o

    when did you start to eat soft foods, by any chance do you remember how many weeks you were at?

    thanks and nice smile =D

  3. Did the insurance cover your surgery and should I look for a surgeon who is board certified?

  4. i just got my surgery today, at 3pm :)
    my lips are the same size, wich is kinda wierd, but my face is getting bigger. OMG the roof of my mouth its almost touching my tongue, huge

    i have a question: when you were swallowing, did you feel your bones make a little movement? right where the cuts are? i havent seen my doctor yet but i wanted to know your opinion too :)


  5. ah, and did you bleed a lot? like through your nose? it wont stop now, since this morning :( just one side though. i wish i had your email so i can send you one :)

    mine is

  6. Aw, I just read through your blog! Everything you went through is amazing- I'm awe-struck! You are so brave! I had horrible teeth before braces. I had an open bite and couldn't even chew properly. I had jaw-alignment surgery too and then 3 years of braces and I'm SO happy now!

  7. Hi Makay!
    Wow, you are just looking so good! Your eyes are so bright and your smile so big! Glad to see you are continuing to improve!

  8. Hey Makay,
    Love your pictures. You have come so far and just so beautiful. Glad you are doing well. You are doing great answering all the questions. Keep up the good work! : )

  9. Cute photos. I love your blog background.

    I have a super cute giveaway going on right now, come check it out.


  10. looks awesome! glad that the swelling is all gone. i'm eventually going to get braces.. kind-of excited and kind-of not at the same time

  11. Hi girl, you look amazing! Im getting my surgery in november, the same surgery as you had, and i have a question. Did your nose like got a lift ? by the tip of the nose? godbless // malin from sweden


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