Saturday, November 5, 2011

Senior Year-

I am so happy with the results I think I could honestly jump for days... 

Today I got my senior pictures taken, and when I was given a sneak peek and was shown this picture I just couldn't believe how far I have come. What amazing things the surgery has done to my confidence level... although this surgery was not simply cosmetic (NOT by a long shot...) it really did some incredible good for the way I see myself. 

Please let me know if you have any questions at all, I would be glad to answer them... 

and feel free to email me as well for a quicker response. :)

Love Always, 



  1. You. Look. Stunning.
    And thank you for continuing to post long after your surgery, and even long after getting your braces off! Your fans appreciate it :)
    Question: how is it that you were able to get the surgery as young as you did (ie, pre-wisdom teeth removal)? I don't have concrete plans for surgery anytime in my near future, but I was told that it was out of the question unless my wisdom teeth were already out (I just got them out in January, a few months before I turned 21).
    Enjoy, enjoy, you lucky girl!
    Many thanks,

  2. You are gorgeous, dear! Absolutely breathtaking!

  3. @Mary- thanks! :) Also, I am unsure as to whether you know about and follow my other- everyday- blog? It is if you don't. :)

    @MK Shaw- I was able to get my surgery done so early because I was done growing. That is the only thing really (other than you teeth-position that inhibits the marching forward, in regards to jaw surgery... And thank you so much!

    I hope I answered your question- you can email me or leave another comment if I didn't. :)


  4. Is your e-mail the one listed under your picture in your user profile? Just checking :)

  5. You look absolutely jaw-dropping ;)
    I'm currently racing trough the internet since I'm getting my surgery done on upcoming Valentines Day. I can relate sooooo much to what you experienced before surgery, and i just want to say that it's blogs like this that really makes me even more excited about the whole thing! One more question though, how did you cope with school and all that?

    Best regards from The Netherlands ;),
    Roel van Noord

  6. Hey Makay! Remember me?
    I'm getting surgery in 3-6 months! My braces will go on in just four days!
    Naturally, I had to make a blog:
    There's a shout-out to you in my first post!

  7. Was searching for some background research for our site for what people look for and came across yours. Congrats on the photos turning out - they look really great.


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